SURDIVA® Blue Violet

SURDIVA® Blue Violet

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Scaevola hybrid

Surdiva® Scaevola is now one of the most heat tolerant plants around and offers continuous color even through summer and bad weather. Its blossoms are unique fan-shaped. They bloom well into the fall. Their habit is compact and semi-trailing. Easy to grow and maintain. They are self-cleaning. General usage is in baskets, combination plantings, window boxes, and landscaping.

Height: 6 to 10-inches
15 to 25-centimeters
Spread: 18 to 24-inches
46 to 61-centimeters
Seasons: Autumn, Spring, Summer
Colors: Blue Violet
Vigor: Moderate
Earliness: Mid
Usage: Container Gardens, Hanging Baskets, Landscapes
SURDIVA® Blue Violet