Sun Parasol ® Mandevilla Garden Crimson

Sun Parasol ® Mandevilla Garden Crimson


Create new markets with Sun Parasol® Garden Crimson – the first true bedding plant mandevilla. Plants produce large, crimson blooms in 4-inch pots. Powerful branching creates low breaks in the plant, which leads to more blooms.

These plants are uniquely positioned for quart pots and will finish in 14 weeks. Plant bloom well in beds, containers, pots and baskets. No trellises are needed for support.

Habit: Upright, spreading in habit and excellent branching with low breaks. Height: 12-18 inches. Width: 18-24 inches.

Application: Sun Parasol® Garden are ideal for patio pots, hanging baskets, balconies & landscapes.

Care: This plant loves warmth and plenty of sunlight and is an easy grower in these conditions. The potting soil needs to be free draining with soil conditioner added. Be sure to pay attention to the watering, do not over water it is best to keep it on the dry side, until spring, then increase the watering to encourage growth.

Sun Parasol ® Mandevilla Garden Crimson


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