Sun Parasol ® Mandevilla Giant White

Sun Parasol ® Mandevilla Giant White


Sun Parasol® Giant Mandevillas are superior disease resistance and the ability to produce even more large flowers. They have a vigorous growing habit, coarse foliage and are natural climbers suitable for patios, balconies and for landscaping in sunny areas. They are the classic mandevilla.

These plants produce large flowers that span up to 5 inches. Natural climbers, these beauties are stunning trained to a trellis. This plant loves warmth and plenty of sun light.

Habit: Upright & vigorous in habit. Moderate in branching and are natural climbers.

Application: Sun Parasol® Giant are ideal for patio pots, balconies & landscape.

Care: This plant loves warmth and plenty of sunlight and is an easy grower in these conditions. The potting soil needs to be free draining with soil conditioner added. Be sure to pay attention to the watering, do not over water it is best to keep it on the dry side, until spring, then increase the watering to encourage growth.

Flower Color: White with yellow heart

Flower size: 3-5 inches

Pot size: 5-12 inches

Landscape size: 10-15 feet

Time of flowering: Summer

Growing habit: Upright

Branching: Moderate

Sun Exposure: Full sun

Vigor: Vigorous

Classification: Vines

Sun Parasol ® Mandevilla Giant White


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